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Coxsackie Correctional Facility

Located in West Coxsackie of Greene County is classified as a maximum-security general confinement facility and detention center for males. Coxsackie presently confines approximately 1,000 inmates.
The New York State Vocational Institution, established by the Laws of 1932 opened in March 1935. The first inmates received at this institution, generally known as "Coxsackie," were older inmates from the New York House of Refuge which was being closed after serving as a juvenile reformatory since 1825. Coxsackie continued this reformatory function, providing inmates with a program of academic and vocational education. Industrial training is presently provided in mechanics, machine shop, printing, and other trades, as well as training in agriculture.

Greene Correction Facility

Physically adjacent to Coxsackie Correctional Facility, Greene is a medium-security general confinement facility and detention center for males. Serving a younger demographic, Greene presently confines approximately 1,800 inmates, two thirds of whom are under the age of 30. Greene houses a higher percentage of young inmates than other facilities throughout the state, with a median age of 21. Greene operates an Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment program as well as various programs of academic and vocational education.


Coxsackie Correctional




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